Hot sun, meet cold water.

Hello, Miami.

Woosh is a new water, delivered in a new way.

Woosh water stations provide ultra-purified, ice-cold water with no waste.
It's a win for your body, and a win for the planet. #winwinwater

Find a station

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

and under 30 seconds

Bring any bottle to a Woosh Station.
Rinse your bottle (Learn more).
Fill your bottle.

This is bottle service.

Our 16 convenient Woosh Water Stations are installed throughout Miami Beach; and are changing the way you drink water.
Woosh’s patented Ozone (O3) purification technology doesn’t just filter everything out – it removes impurities while leaving the healthy stuff in. You’ll get delicious, ultra-purified water with no plastic bottle waste.

In under 30 seconds, our stations:

  • Fill your bottle with delicious, ice-cold, ultra-purified water on the go
  • Thoroughly rinse and clean your bottle before refilling it
  • Save you money over buying bottled water
  • Keep plastic bottles from littering Miami’s beaches & canals

Woosh stations are positioned in convenient locations throughout Miami Beach. Find your station today!