Choose a pre-paid package, or pay as you go. Either way you choose to Woosh, you’ll get ultra-purified, ice-cold, eco-friendly water from our conveniently located refill stations

Pre-Pay Packages
  • Get more for your money
  • Get your water even faster
  • Track your usage
Pay As You Go
  • No commitment, no pre-payment
  • Pay with a debit- or credit card
  • Saves money over bottled water
How Much Does Woosh Cost?

Refilling your bottle with Woosh costs a fraction of buying bottled water and keeps plastic out of the beautiful Miami Beach environment. Our water is also ultra-purified on the spot, which improves the quality of the water you drink.

  • The price you pay is based on how much water you dispense
  • Bottle rinsing fully cleans your bottle
Refills& Rinse
Regular Refill
8oz | 12oz | 17oz | 20oz
Large Refill
24oz | 32oz
Bottle Rinse
Any size
Pre-Pay Packages

Pre-Pay Packages are the smartest way to enjoy delicious Woosh water. By purchasing a pre-pay Package, you add a balance to your Woosh account and get free bonus dollars.

  • Fast access to your water with phone number access
  • Get additional credits every time you purchase a pre-pay package
  • Account is updated after every usage
  • Pair a Woosh Fob to your account for faster and easier access (Get your Fob)
  • Balance can be used at any Woosh Station within one year of purchase.
You Pay
Bonus Added
You Get
Day-Pass Packages

Day-Pass packages allow you to use Woosh stations in Miami Beach freely, with a day full of bottle re-fills that is enabled on your account. By purchasing a Day-Pass, you get a great deal of usages (Refills & Rinses) to exploit under a given days limit.

  • Purchase the 7 Day-Pass here
  • The 3 Day-Pass is available for purchase via Woosh Miami Beach stations only
  • 3-Day Pass (72 hr.) and 7 Day Pass (168 hr.) are valid from the time of purchase
  • 3/7 Day-Pass enable use at all Woosh stations, with a limit of 60 / 140 fills total (20 per day), depending on the duration of the Day Pass
Day Pass
3 Days pass
Fobs speed up the process of pulling up your account.
Just a quick swipe of a fob and you’re ready to start refilling immediately.
Fobs cost $5.00 and are available to order on our online store.


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